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Anish Kapoor: Past, Present, Future. — Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, MA

Getting ready for "Anish Kapoor: Past, Present, Future." great Flickr shots from ICA exhibt installation

David Shrigley exhibit at Anton Kern Gallery, NYC

Dave Shrigley exhibit. Video still from Anton Kern Gallery new york city
Anton Kern Gallery NYC. Really funny exhibt. Two paintings: "green dots" "sad green dots".

Stool in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum is worth a visit for special exhibits like Roman Art from the Louvre.

Pace Wildenstein horsing around

Zhang Huan at Pace Wildenstein Gallery horsing NYC
Pace Wildenstein Gallery NYC

Urs Fischer and Gavin Brown, Who's Afraid of Jasper Johns? (Installation/opening)

Tony Shafrazi Gallery. Rob Pruitt's Viagra Falls - Stair waterfall NYC
Tony Shafrazi Gallery NYC
Tony Shafrazi Gallery NYC

Short Video of the Jenny Holzer Wall Art. — Finally a video, as promised. Check it out.

ART SLANT NYC — Art buzz and events.
BIG, RED & SHINY — Boston University's art blog
Times Online overhyped but still selling

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