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Holden Smith (whoa! old links, need updating.)

Electronic Frontier Foundation - Concerned? start your reading here and consider becoming a member
Center for Democracy and Technology - keeping an eye on you
Privacy Information Center - Public interest research center in Washington D.C.
Holden Smith on LInkedIn - Professional information
The extended Smith family — Family matters, weddings and various items.
Smith Family 

Holden Smith Blog

Culture Crawl blog by Holden Personal, cultural, travel, photo blogging coming...
(Continuing to share and to experiment with the feature-rich WordPress platform.)
Bear on the kite. Cape Cod

Holden Smith and the community

Holden Smith, Public Notary — My active notary commission and services.
Massachusetts Association for the Blind — A good place to volunteer.
Families First Parenting Programs — Another good place to donate.
The Innocence Project — Reform minded group
Boston's Level 4 BioLab — Ask questions, become better informed..

CULTURE LINKS - Evovling list of visual and performing arts and culture links

The City of Boston. — Government links
Boston Weekly Dig — Local events & Events and listings
South End News — Local reporting for you and the life you live
New York City — Government & Business links
TimeOut New York — Events
Gothamist — Various listings and too much weird crime reporting.
Brooklyn Vegan — Midnight ramblers, and satellite radio show.
Active Cars
Boston, Massachusetts Weather Almanac. - Fun weather facts and statistics for kids.
Fort Point — a neighborhood link
Seaport District — neighborhood development news

Technology Links

CNet tech news — a pulse point
ACM — professional site
Red Herring — pulse point
sv — pulse point
Macintouch — Ric Ford's Mac resource point

Alaska – a.k.a "The Final Frontier"

The great State of Alaska — 49 years in the union. (split Alaska into two halves and Texas becomes the third largest state..)
The town of Homer — Go visit the artsy and naturally beautiful place.
Alaska Mag — Fairly decent magazine
The Homer News — Reporting for you and the life you live
The Salty Dawg Saloon — a gritty Alaskan bar

Acorn House Pho Republique Momofuku New Ginza

HOME — Home
CULTURE LINKS — My evolving list of visual, performing arts and culture links...
ART RELATED — Links, photos, galleries and events
FOOTAGE — Travel: Video footage collection
ECONOMY — Real Estate and Economy watcher
NOTARY — Notary
ABOUT — More info on Holden
WEATHER — Quick Weather Center

Solstice 2008 — Solstice Party

The truth hath a quiet breast.
— William Shakespeare


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